Horse Science Set of 2

Horse Science Set of 2

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Two of our most popular and time-tested guides that include scientific and practical horse information. Set includes one copy each of Horse Science and Horses and Horsemanship. 64 pages each. Save $1.55 when ordering the set of 2 rather than ordering each separately! Chapters include:

- Behavior and Nature
- Functional Anatomy and Action
- Unsoundness and Blemishes
- Age Deformation
- Inheritance (genetics)
- Principles of Reproduction
- Anatomy and Function of Digestive System
- Feed Nutrients
- Feeds
- Balancing Rations
- Health and Sanitation Principles
- Disease Problems
- Colic
- External Parasites
- Internal Parasites
- Color & Markings
- Horse Judging: What to Look for
- Horse Judging: How to Judge
- Gaits of the Horse
- Equitation
- Tack & Equipment
- Grooming and Preparation for the Show
- The Show Ring
- Showmanship
- Foot Care
- Safety Rules & Precautions

Publication Update: 2001
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