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All About Pets Cloverbud Activity Bundle

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Item: CB01603B

Introducing new peer-reviewed activity booklets made especially for the Cloverbud age range (ages 5-8)! All About Pets comes with an 8-page activity booklet and an adorable 5.5 inch stuffed dog -- the perfect "pet" to take to Cloverbud meetings!

All About Pets includes four (4) simple introductory activities for our youngest 4-H members. Youth learn about different types of pets, how to choose a pet, and how to care for a pet. This activity is designed to be completed with the assistance of a caring adult. While this activity is perfect for groups, we recommend that each youth have his or her own activity booklet.

This activity serves as an age-appropriate introduction to our comprehensive curriculum series such as Pets (Item #06374), Dog (Item #08170), Cat (Item #08152), and Rabbit (Item #08084). Additional stuffed dogs may be purchased separately.

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