Mindful Me: A 4-H Primary Mindfulness

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Item: 01909F

Mindful Me: A 4-H Primary Mindfulness Curriculum, introduces cloverbud youth members to basic concepts in mindfulness practices. The program promotes mindful practices that lead to improvements in managing one’s own goals, developing a sense of self, time management, stress management, emotional regulation, and mindful eating practices. Specific outcomes from youth participation in the curriculum include short-term (skill development and knowledge gain), mid-term (increased stress management, mindful eating, etc.), and long-term (improved physical, emotional, and social health) benefits.

  • This guide is designed for the leader(s) and is intended to be used with ages 5-8.
  • This curriculum includes ten experiential learning activities which are designed to be delivered weekly by trained teens or adult leaders.
  • Teen training includes an overview of mindfulness, an exploration of neuroscience, introduction to related educational theories, and best practices for teaching cloverbud members.
  • Appropriate in a variety of settings: 4-H clubs, school settings, homeschools, camps, health classes, as afterschool or enrichment activities, etc.
  • 52 pages.
  • Developed by the University of California; copyright 2019.
  • Curriculum suggests that you purchase additional resources to complete activities. View the Look Inside feature to see list of materials.