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What's On Your Plate? Exploring Food Science: Unit 2 "The Power Of Protein Chemistry" Facilitator Guide

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What’s on Your Plate? Exploring Food Science is a comprehensive curriculum set with hands-on experiments—some of which learners can eat as they discover the science behind food preparation. Youth learn the building blocks of food science using chemistry, biology, and physics in a “kitchen laboratory” setting. Learn why and how things happen in breads, muffins, eggs, fruit, vegetables, cheese, candy, and beverages. Conduct food experiments, collect and analyze data, practice sensory science (tasting), and investigate career opportunities. Each unit contains three activities for beginner through advanced learners.

This Facilitator Guide provides tips for success for teaching “The Power of Protein Chemistry.” Step-by-step guide with instructions, pictures and explanations includes pages from the Youth Science Journals along with answer key. Short online tutorial videos provide science explanations and demonstrations for doing the activities. Both the Facilitator Guide and Youth Science Journal are necessary for completing the activities.
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