Our 450+ Curriculum titles are perfect for 4-H club, school, enrichment, and homeschool settings. From project books to science experiments to skill-building activities, these learning resources are research-based, hands-on, and fun! Select the resource that best fits your individual or group setting and the appropriate level – whether it’s for grades K-12 or beyond. Choose from popular topics such as Biology, Computer Science, Cooking, Electricity, Entomology, Gardening, Honey Bees, Photography, Robotics, Solar Power, and more!

We've recently launched Everyday Bulk Pricing on all our printed Curriculum books! Whenever you order 15 or more, you will activate various tiered discounts. Specifics are available on the product page of each eligible item.

Planning a large order? You can review our 4-H Curriculum Catalog and use our Curriculum ordering worksheet to prepare your order.
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