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Power of Wind Curriculum & Materials Kit

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Item: 83504B

Save hours of shopping and purchase a ready-to-use kit! This kit includes all the basic and not-so-common materials for the Power of the Wind curriculum. This comprehensive kit contains materials for youth to practice engineering skills to construct wind powered machines and various wind turbines. Youth use their turbine designs to lift a load and produce electricity. Youth learn how generators work using motors and multimeters. Material kits are designed to accommodate up to five groups of students (target group size is 2-5 youth). Grades 6-8.

Materials include, but are not limited to: Multimeters, digital stopwatches, motors, corks, and string. Full list of product contents can be found here.

This item includes 1 Materials Kit, 1 Facilitator Guide, and 5 Youth Guides.

This kit was created in collaboration with NC State, and is available here through the 4-H Mall Curriculum Affiliate Program.
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Materials Included

  • Cardstock, White, Sheet-20
  • Cork, Size 11-10
  • Cups, Paper, Nonwaxed 3 Oz Pack/50-1
  • Index Cards, Blank 3x5" Pack/100-1
  • Index Cards, Blank 5x8" Pack/100-1
  • Led, Diffused, Bright Red-5
  • Motor 12v 3500 Rpm-5
  • Multimeter, Digital-2
  • Pan, Foil, Round 8.5"-12
  • Paper, Construction, White Pack/50-1
  • Paperclips, Standard Pack/100-1
  • Pins, Straight Ballhead Pack/200-1
  • Plate, Foam 6"-25
  • Plates, Paper 9" Pack/50-1
  • Rubber Bands,Asst Sz Clr 1.5oz-1
  • Stopwatch, Digital-5
  • Straws, Unwrapped, Clear Box/250-1
  • Straws-Flexible Plastic Pack/50-1
  • String, Cotton 4 Ply 420'-1
  • Tape Measure, 60" English/Metric Pack/10 0.5 (5 Per Kit)
  • Wire Leads With Alligator Clips 18" Set/6-2
  • 1 Facilitator Guide
  • 5 Youth Guides