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Rain to Drain Kit

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Item: 4H0076KIT

Save time and money by purchasing a kit of the materials needed for the activities in Rain to Drain! This kit accommodates two groups of up to ten youth each for up to twenty youth total.

Kit Materials List:
--Plastic Activity Cards
--Needlepoint Canvas
--Felt Cloth
--2 8-oz. Measuring Cups
--12 10 oz. Plastic Cups
--Blue Permanent Marker
--2 6-Well Muffin Tins
--1 Pound Pebbles
--6 Sponges
--Tape (note: the tape comes in a dispenser; remove the roll of tape for use in the activities)

Additional Items needed for the activities that are not included in the kit:
--Ballpoint Pen
--Hammer and Nail or Drill (to punch holes in a bottle cap)
--Empty 20 oz. Soda Bottle
--Roll of Water Resistant Tape
--Cookie Sheets or Cafeteria Trays (to catch spilled water)
--Pitchers or Similar Container (to pour water)

This item contains the materials only. Each youth should also have his/her own book. To learn more about the curriculum and to purchase the book, see items:
--4H0076 – Rain to Drain Book
--4H0076S – Set of 10 Books

Are you interested in learning more about the curriculum, straight from the author and a 4-H educator? Watch a webinar all about the curriculum, available here.

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