GEM: Get Experience in Mindfulness

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GEM: Get Experience in Mindfulness is an Awareness and Acceptance Stress Management Program for ages 10 and up – adults too!  This program places an emphasis on stress management taught through practical and interactive mindfulness-based activities to facilitate experiential learning. The program is a research based and theory driven program that meets National Health Education Standards.
There are five lesson topics: Intentions and Goal Setting, Awareness and Attention, Self-care: Stress Reduction and Relaxation, Communication and Relationships, and Gratitude and Acceptance.  Among other things, participants of the program will learn what mindfulness is and how to integrate it into daily life, alignment and form for over 25 strength and flexibility poses adapted from yoga poses, and relaxation techniques.
  • This guide is designed for the leader and is intended to be used with ages 10 and up.
  • Appropriate in a variety of settings: 4-H clubs, school settings, homeschools, camps, health classes, as afterschool or enrichment activities, etc.
  • 108 pages.
  • Developed by the University of Delaware; copyright 2018.

NOTE: The References pages have been updated; please download the revised file by clicking this link.