Learn, Grow, Eat, Go! Manual

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Item: JMG001

Created by teachers, this multifaceted garden, nutrition, and physical activities curriculum is evidence-based and academically rich. Through a linear set of hands-on, proven lessons, youth will better understand plants and how plants provide for people’s needs. The 10-week (2 lessons/week) unit of study will step a class or youth group through process of establishing a thriving garden that is easy to create and maintain. The curriculum features opportunities for fresh vegetable tasting/evaluation, simple recipe demos, and physical activities that research shows can improve on-task behavior and academic performance.

--This guide is the facilitator manual.  We are also offering classroom sets of Garden Journals and Recipes!

--Designed for grades 3-5.

--226 pages

--Developed by Texas A&M University

Are you interested in learning more about the curriculum, straight from the author and a 4-H educator? Watch a webinar all about the curriculum, available here.