Cooking 101 Activity Bundle

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Cooking 101 Activity Bundle

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Inspire kids to sink their teeth into the rewards of healthful home cooking! This kit helps your aspiring cook learn their way around the kitchen, with real cooking tools designed especially for them. This set includes:

  • 1x 4-H Cooking Curriculum 101
  • 1x Silicon Spatula
  • 1x Measuring Cup Set (Includes 6 Measuring Spoons)
  • 1x Set of 2 Flex-it Cutting Boards

Among other topics, youth learn how to use MyPlate, avoid spreading germs while cooking, measure and mix ingredients, test baked goods for doneness, brown meat, and set the table for a family meal.

The curriculum comes as loose-leaf paper to make it easier for youth to pull out recipes. Purchase a binder to store the manual!

Make sure your cooking area is ready with this checklist of recommended items.

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