Can-Can Robot Design Challenge Kit

Can-Can Robot Design Challenge Kit

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Design a robot that will draw on a sheet of paper using a battery, motor, plastic cup, and just a few other materials!  Through this challenge, youth will experiment with and learn about the engineering design process and electrical power.

Adapted from our popular Junk Drawer Robotics series, the Can-Can Robot Design Challenge is now available in two different sizes to accommodate individual youth and large groups.

The group kit serves 5 groups of 2-3 youth (total of 15 youth per kit), view the "What's In the Box" to learn more about the number of components included with this kit size. Grades 4-12.

This challenge is the perfect activity for an ice-breaker, in-service day, or after school session, and can be used as an introduction to STEM education.

What's in the Box? 

For the individual Kit:

1 - Youth Activity Guide

1 - AA Battery

1 - Plastic Cup

1 - Cap Eraser

1 - Pair of Safety Goggles

4 - Markers

1 - Motor

1 - Roll of Electrical Tape

30 - Wire Strips

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