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Smart Cents Activity Guide Student Workbook

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Youth make decisions about how to use money every day and developing sound financial skills early in life can have positive implications as youth grow into adulthood. This Smart Cents Activity Guide Workbook & accompanying playbook are designed to be used with National 4-H juried curricula developed to teach youth financial education (see links below to purchase). Activities are used from each of the curricula to implement a ten-hour Smart Cents program in a 4-H club, school, after-school program or any youth program. Think of the Playbook as doing the program development work for you! Included are opening questions and activities, scripts to introduce a topic, step-by-step instructions for completing the activity and reflection questions to complete the experiential cycle. Teaching financial management can be daunting for some facilitators, so the Playbook provides information and instruction to ensure success!

A Free Digital Download of the Smart Cents: A Guide to Teaching Mindful Money Habits Guide comes with this purchase.

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