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Aerospace Adventures Set of 5

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Set includes Aerospace Adventures Levels 1-4 plus the Helper's Guide.

Level 1 – Pre-Flight: Youth build a marshmallow rocket, learn about different careers in aviation and space, and explore how an airplane works. 4 activities total. Grades 1-3.

Level 2 – Lift-Off: Youth build a straw rocket, learn about weather conditions, make a paper hot air balloon, and learn the International Phonetic Alphabet. 13 activities total. Grades 3-5.

Level 3 – Reaching New Heights: Youth make a shuttle on a string, a Japanese kite, a hang glider, and learn about a control panel of an aircraft. 12 activities total. Grades 6-8.

Level 4 – Pilot in Command: Youth create an altitude tracker, determine fuel efficiency for a commercial aircraft, explore pilot certification, evaluate navigation systems, and learn about airport issues. 12 activities total. Grades 9-12.

Helper’s Guide: Answers the questions in the activity guides as well as provides facilitators with discussion points and questions for youth.

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