Honey Bee Challenge Kit

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The 4-H Honey Bee Challenge focuses on a critical component--honey bees--to growing food and feeding the world. Approximately one in every three bites we eat is the result of these pollinators at work.

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The 4-H Honey Bee Challenge introduces youth to the critical role that "hired" honey bees play in food production. Youth begin with a Farm-to-Table warm-up activity, illustrating that a significant amount of food we eat relies on pollination by honey bees.

Working in teams, youth then assemble model bees using bristle bot kits and construct foraging routes for their model bees to follow. Teams are evaluated on the efficiency of their materials used in designing foraging routes, the amount of pollen their bees collect, and the time their bees spend foraging. A wrap-up discussion underscores the importance of honey bees in agriculture and outlines ways youth can help bees in their own community.

This experience was created for 5 groups of 2-3 youth and is an ideal activity for 3rd - 8th graders, led by a teen facilitator. Perfect for a variety of settings including summer reading programs, summer camps, afterschool programs, festivals, and fairs.

For additional information about this kit, view our overview video.

This Honey Bee Challenge Kit includes:

  • Teen Facilitator Guide (20 pages)
  • 5 Challenge Mats
  • Parts to assemble 15 "bots"
  • 15 honey bee stickers