Swine: Set of 4

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Item: 08069

This Set includes swine guides 1-3 and the Helper's Guide.

Swine 1: The Incredible Pig: Youth will enjoy naming breeds, learning sheep body parts, judging market hogs, exploring a digestive system, examining a healthy pig, identifying pork cuts, practicing fitting and showing and many other activities in Swine 1. Grades 3-5

Swine 2: Putting the Oink in Pig: Activities in Swine 2 include managing baby pigs, balancing a ration, exploring swine diseases, preparing pork, discovering swine careers and packing a show box. Grades 6-8

Swine 3: Going Whole Hog: Advanced youth will plan a breeding system, judge breeding gilts, design a swine operation, complete a job application, explore career opportunities and international markets plus many other challenging activities. Grades 9-12.