National Youth Science Day Kit - Incredible Wearables

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Item: NYSD9

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Developed by the University of Nebraska - Lincoln, the Incredible Wearables kit is a fun way for kids to build wearable fitness trackers. The kit is perfect for classrooms, clubs and at-home use. The 70 to 90-minute hands-on project is suitable for 4th to 12th graders. Each kit can serve 4 - 8 kids at a time and is reusable.

View the SparkFun video of the Incredible Wearables design challenge here. Kits are designed to accommodate 4-8 youth.

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    • 1 Battery Holder (holds 3 AA batteries)
    • 3 AA Batteries
    • 1 Tilt Sensor
    • 1 SparkFun "Thing" Chip
    • 6 Alligator Clips
    • 1 SparkFun Pulse-Ox Sensor
    • Adhesive Hook and Loop Fabric
    • 9" x 12" Felt Fabric
    • Rubber bands
    • Small screwdriver
    • 1 Facilitator's Guide
    • 5 Youth Guides