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Game Changers NYSD Kit

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Game Changers is a collection of 3 activities that teaches kids computer science (CS) skills through game play and puzzles centered around topics they care passionately about. Developed by Google, 4-H, and West Virginia University Extension Service, it includes a computer-based activity on Google’s CS First platform and two unplugged activities:

  • Pitch Your Passion is an online activity that teaches kids to use CS and animation to advocate for a cause or issue they care about using CS First and Scratch. Can be completed on tablets or computers.
  • Program Your Playground is an unplugged activity where kids use CS skills like decomposition and conditional logic to design their own versions of tag and invent new sports and games.
  • Hack Your Harvest is an unplugged activity where kids will use CS concepts like automation optimal efficiency to solve and create logic puzzles related to agriculture—or any topic kids can think of.

Game Changers is highly adaptable for classrooms, afterschool programs, clubs and more. It's perfect for first-time and beginner coders ages 8-14, and each kit is designed to accommodate up to 10 youth. Teachers and facilitators don’t need any prior experience with computer science or coding.

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The Game Changers Kit Includes:

  • 1 Facilitator Guide
  • 10 Youth Workbooks including certificates of completion
  • 17 Scratch Coding Challenge Cards
  • 5 Hack Your Harvest Board Games
  • 5 Dry Erase Markers with Eraser Caps
  • 6 Tractor Game Pieces
  • 75 Obstacles Stickers
  • 2 Beach Balls
  • 1 USB Drive that includes:
    • Offline versions of Scratch and Adobe Air (for Mac & Windows)
    • Printable Certificate of Completion
    • Printable Facilitator Guide
    • Printable Pitch Your Passion Offline Instructions
    • Printable Scratch Coding Challenge Cards
    • Printable Youth Workbook