2019 Photography Level 3: Mastering Photography

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Item: 01904Y

New! Introducing the 2019 revision of 4-H’s best-selling Photography curriculum.  Level 3, Mastering Photography, is an advanced level book for a serious study of photography.  Activities build on the four main areas from Levels 1 and 2 (Equipment, Lighting, Composition, and Skill Building) and include topics such as Smartphone Exposure Tips, Low Light Challenges, and Studio Portraits.  Having access to a camera (phone or DSLR) is essential, as well as deciding how and where to store the photos taken during the project.

So what's new in the 2019 edition? Technology! The books have been updated to reflect changing technology, such as moving from film to digital photography. Cell phones, a common camera for many people, are featured. Other enhancements include digital photo editing as well as online photo storage and sharing.

  • This book is intended for the youth.
  • Grades 5-12
  • Authored by Ohio State University
  • Copyright 2019
  • 84 pages
  • Ties to National Visual Arts Education Standards. See the “Look Inside” for the Project Skills, Life Skills, Educational Standards, and Success Indicators for each activity.