Dog - Set of 4

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Dog - Set of 4 - Every youth who has a dog will enjoy this series. Not only are the activities fun and educational, but they also help the pet dog become a perfect member of the family. Includes Dog books 1-3 plus the Helper's Guide. Descriptions of the three curriculum guides are below:

Dog 1: Wiggles and Wags - Activities relate to body parts, selection, correcting behavior, house breaking a puppy, body language, controlling fleas, health care, grooming and how to train a dog to respond to seven basic commands. Grades 3-5.

Dog 2: Canine Connection - Youth explore dog web resources, breed origins, safety, locating a missing dog, socializing a dog, showmanship, tricks, health, feeding and controlling parasites. Grades 6-8.

Dog 3: Leading the Pack - Experienced youth will learn how to plan and conduct a dog show, a showmanship clinic, a puppy training class and a skillathon as well as research zoonosis diseases, administer emergency first aid, explore dog laws and dog related careers. Grades 9-12.