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Electric Excitement Curriculum: Set of 5

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Set includes Electric Excitement Levels 1-4 plus the Helper's Guide.

Level 1 – Magic of Electricity: Youth explore why certain things insulate from electricity better than others and the effect that magnetism has various substances. They also build a flashlight, a compass, an electromagnet, and an electric motor. Grades 4-5.

Level 2 – Investigating Electricity: Youth build circuits and test voltages, build a rocket launcher, and build a burglar alarm as they practice decision making and communication. This unit is designed for youth who understand magnetism, electron flow, and circuit design. Grades 6-7.

Level 3 – Wired for Power: Youth build on skills learned in Levels 1 and 2 plus learn how to measure electrical usage, replace electrical switches, and determine electrical loads. Youth will also evaluate different light bulbs and test for electrical power. Grades 8-9.

Level 4 – Entering Electronics: This unit introduces the basics of solid-state electronics and provides hands-on activities for practical experience in understanding modern day electronic equipment. This unit is for the intermediate to advanced learner. Grades 10-12.

Helper’s Guide: The helper's guide has a number of exciting group activities that will keep members coming back for more. It includes a variety of group activities that can be organized quickly and conducted with 3 to 15 youth in a group.

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