Horse Curriculum - Set of 6

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This is a revised (2015) edition of the traditional 4-H Horse curriculum! It contains the same titles as the first set of Horse books, but with new content and improved ease of use.

1 – Giddy Up & Go Youth who may or may not have a horse or pony of their own but want to learn about horses will enjoy Giddy Up & Go. They will learn the basics of horse behavior, breeds, and safety around horses through a variety of activities, including teaching others.

2 – Head, Heart & Hooves Youth learn more about acquiring and raising a horse including selecting a horse, horse nutrition and care, equine teeth and bones, judging, including giving oral reasons and much more.

3 – Stable Relationships Youth explore horse reproduction, diseases and health care, pasture management, providing appropriate shelter and building a financial plan.

4 – Riding the Range Youth learn nine basic riding skills and ten horsemanship skills, training techniques, trail riding and selection and use of tack.

5 – Jumping to New Heights Youth learn more advanced riding skills, the Quarter System, horse showmanship, ethics and leadership. Horse Helper’s Guide Get everyone involved at group meetings using any of the 17 featured group activities.

These books contain all the information from the old horse books, as well as new content, listed below:

Content has been reviewed by equine experts to ensure materials reflect the most current research of the land-grant system.
Activities were updated (as needed) to make sure they follow the experiential learning model and scientific inquiry process.
Activities were updated to make sure they fit current youth trends (social media, web resources, etc.)
Career readiness/exploration components added, as needed and as applicable.
Alignment to science standards included.
Fresh new look and feel of the curriculum, with additional space for youth to write and reflect on what they are learning.

Book Page Counts
Level 1 - 68 pages
Level 2 - 72 pages
Level 3 - 64 pages
Level 4 - 72 pages
Level 5 - 68 pages
Helper’s Guide - 84 pages