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Welcome to the Illinois 4-H Journalism Project! Whether you are interested in a career in jour­nalism, are the reporter for your 4-H club or school newspaper or are just curious, this project is for you. With 69 interesting learning activities, the 4-H Journalism Project will keep you busy and having fun as you learn all about newswriting and much more.

The 4-H Journalism Project book is divided into three parts: In Part l, Exploring Journalism, you will be introduced to different types of news, learn how news is packaged for print and broadcast, learn how newspapers and news programs pay the bills, and explore careers in jour­nalism. In Part 2, Writing the News, you will apply what you have learned while developing and practicing skins needed to gather news and write news stories. Part 3, Advanced Journalism

Topics lets you apply your journalism skills further as you study opinion pieces, photojournalism and writing broadcast news.


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