Robotics Refill Kit

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Item: 86455

This kit contains replacement materials for your Junk Drawer Robotics Levels 1 and 2 Kits.


Have you or your youth enjoyed several experiments but run out of binder clips, paint sticks, or brass fasteners?

Instead of running out to the store (or purchasing a full materials kit), you can purchase this additional bundle of sticks and fasteners.

This kit contains materials that you can use throughout your program year, series of club meetings, or summer camps. These materials can be used to supplement other maker projects as well!

Included in this Robotics Refill Kit:

  • Medium binder clips (12)
  • Mini binder clips (36)
  • Wooden clothespins with springs (18)
  • Craft sticks in assorted colors (100)
  • 1" brass fasteners (200)
  • 12" wood paint stirrers (25)
  • Jumbo paper clips (200)
  • Standard paper clips (200)
  • Rubber bands in assorted sizes and colors
  • 10" bamboo skewers (100)
  • 5.5" hollow stirring sticks (60)
  • Wooden craft sticks (500)
  • Straws in assorted colors (125)