Keeping Fit & Healthy Curriculum: Set of 3

Keeping Fit & Healthy Curriculum: Set of 3

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Set includes First Aid in Action, Staying Healthy, and Keeping Fit.

First Aid in Action: Youth learn the importance of first aid as well as techniques for taking care of cuts and scrapes, nosebleeds, stings, burns, and other concerns.

Staying Healthy: Youth learn habits for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Topics include cleanliness, eating habits, and physical activity.

Keeping Fit: Youth design a personal fitness plan and track it using their own fitness file. Through interviews and personal experiences youth discover benefits to being fit as they practice making decisions, speaking with others, and managing themselves.

Note: The Heimlich instructions for babies have been updated since the book was published. Please refer to the Red Cross information available at this link (link as of 9/28/17)If the link does not work, visit and search for the Heimlich procedure. Thank you for your understanding!

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