The Power of the Wind Youth Guide

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Are you looking for something to spark engineering and science interest among middle school kids?  The activities in The Power of the Wind curriculum involve young people in the engineering design process as they learn about the wind and its uses. Youth work with members of a team to design, create, build, and test a wind powered device.

The device must solve a problem and requires the designers to balance options and constraints. Participants are guided to make adjustments and retest until the vehicle or machine solves the original problem. 

  • Time Required to Complete the Activities in the Youth Guide: Around 12 hours, depending on how much time is allowed for discussion and reflection. The final "What Innovative Design Can You Create" project could require several additional hours.

This is the Youth Notebook for the National 4-H Wind Energy Curriculum. Each youth in a group should have his or her own notebook. A Facilitator Guide is also available for the group leader or teacher. Grades 6-8. May be adapted for younger and older youth.

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FREE 2015 Power of the Wind Youth Guide Updates! This curriculum was printed in 2009, and has since updated pages 26-35 in the Youth Guide, as well as the Youth Guide Appendices.