SparkFun Inventor's Kit for Google's Science Journal App

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The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Google’s Science Journal App is an interactive selection of tools to inspire future scientists and makers. Inside each kit you will find a collection of parts that support activities developed by Google and the Exploratorium in San Francisco. Beginning with a project to build your very own Wind Spinner, new projects will be released periodically that utilize the supplies in this kit and Google’s Science Journal App.

Science Journal is a digital science notebook that helps kids and adults explore the world around them. With this app, you can record data from sensors on your Android phone or connected to an Arduino, take notes, and learn scientific processes like predicting, observing, and interpreting data. This SIK features an Arduino 101® board preprogrammed with firmware that will enable Science Journal to remotely read data from a connected sensor.

The kit does not require any soldering and is recommended for inquiring individuals or small groups, ages 5 and up.

Note: The SparkFun Inventor’s Kit for Google’s Science Journal App is only available for customers in the USA due to the included Arduino 101 board. If you are located in Canada, the EU, or other locations, you will not be able to order this product. Additionally, this product may be delayed by two to three business days to verify shipping address. 

    • 1x Arduino 101 board (preprogrammed to work with the Science Journal App)
    • 1x White Breadboard - Self-Adhesive
    • 1x Arduino and Breadboard Holder
    • 1x 9V Alkaline Battery
    • 1x 9V Battery Holder
    • 1x 9V Wall Adapter Power Supply
    • 1x Mini Photocell
    • 1x TMP36 Temperature Sensor
    • 1x USB Cable A to B - 6 Foot
    • 10x Jumper Wires Premium 6" M/M
    • 4x Alligator Clip with Pigtail
    • 20x Resistor 10K Ohm
    • 6x Cardboard cutouts for building your own Wind Spinner Project

    • Google’s Science Journal
    • Google’s Science Journal Download
    • Getting Started Guide
    • Making & Science Initiative
    • SparkFun Photocell Encoder Wheel Template
    • Science Journal Firmware