Teens as Teachers

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This Teens as Teachers curriculum is one component of the Youth Advocates for Health (YA4-H!) program. The goal of the Youth Advocates for Health (YA4-H!) program is to engage 4-H teens in health-related learning and action, with the ultimate goal of preparing youth to lead health-related change in their communities.

Teens love to teach! And emerging research shows that teens are particularly effective as teachers of younger youth (Smith et al, 2014). Research also shows that teens learn the health-related information they teach, and make changes in their own health behavior, too! This curriculum will prepare teens in your community to lead health-related change and become successful young adults.

The Teens as Teachers curriculum includes approximately 11.5 hours of training. The curriculum includes three sample agendas that will help groups plan their training workshops according to how much time they have. In each example, participants learn through games, role play, and other fun, interactive activities designed to create experiential learning opportunities. Regardless of how you arrange your training sessions, be sure to give teens an opportunity to experience all the activities in this curriculum before they begin teaching. 120 pages.