Equestrian Cards Deck 1

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Equestrian Cards Deck 1


EQUESTrian Trivia Cards feature useful information hidden in a fun game! Perfect for mounted lessons, club meetings, and car rides, this deck contains 100 researched questions on a wide variety of practical horse knowledge. The varying levels of cerebral challenge will pique your interest no matter your age or experience level. Decks are usable independent of one another. This item is crafted by a Small Business run by a 4-H Supporter, and ships directly from our warehouse.

Example questions you'll find in Deck 1:

  • Which gait is faster: collected or extended walk?
  • Explain what “board” means when boarding your horse.
  • Where does the digestive system begin?
The content for the EQUESTrian Trivia Decks is pulled from a variety of reputable sources, including the following:
  • Equine Science: Basic Knowledge for Horse People of All Ages by Jean T. Griffiths – 2008
  • Feeding and Care of the Horse (2nd Ed.) by Lon D. Lewis – 1990
  • The Horse (2nd Ed.) by J. Warren Evans, Anthony Borton, Harold Hintz, L. Dale Van Vleck – 1990
  • Horse Anatomy: A Coloring Atlas (2nd Ed.) by Robert A. Kainer & Thomas O. McCracken – 1998
  • Horse Industry Handbook- American Youth Horse Council – 1995 (updates 1995 & 2003)
  • Illustrated Dictionary of Equine Terms – New Horizon Equine Educ. Center, Inc. - 1998
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