Mars Base Camp Crop Curiosity Game

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Mars Base Camp Crop Curiosity Game


In this activity, youth will encounter concepts in environmental science, biology and agriculture in the context of Mars exploration. The current environment of Mars is more similar to Earth than other planets in our solar system, but it is not similar enough to meet the survival requirements for humans, plants or animals from Earth without life support systems. For this reason, humans cannot grow food such as fruits and vegetables directly in the Martian landscape as we do with farm fields or orchards on Earth. Youth will play a card game to learn about the items needed to grow food plants on Mars in an artificial “agriculture module” environment. As they play the card game, they will race to earn all of the parts they need to make a complete agriculture module to be the first to grow food plants in space.

Game Includes:

  • 1 Deck of Cards
  • 2 Scorecards
  • 20 Bingo Chips
  • Activity Instruction Sheet


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