4-H Cooking Curriculum 401

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4-H Cooking Curriculum 401

SKU: 4H01515Y

Youth learn about herbs and spices and how to make ethnic foods. Youth also practice making cakes, candy, pastries, and pies.

The curriculum comes as loose-leaf paper to make it easier for youth to pull out recipes. Purchase a binder to store the manual!

See Cooking 101 for a checklist of recommended items needed for the Cooking series. The list contains the basics that will be used for Cooking 101, and it’s a great starting point for the items needed in the other levels. Start with this list and then add the specialty items you need depending on the topic, such as cake pans, candy thermometers, electric grills, etc.

Note: This is an addition to the toffee recipe on page 91.  "Rub the butter on the sides of the pan, which keeps the toffee from sticking. Then melt the remaining butter in the pan."

Are you interested in learning more about the curriculum, straight from the author and a 4-H educator? Watch a webinar all about the curriculum, available here.

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