Level 3: Advanced Beekeeping - Digital Download

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Level 3: Advanced Beekeeping - Digital Download - Shop 4 - H

Level 3: Advanced Beekeeping - Digital Download

SKU: 4H1059WDD

Please note that this item is a digital download. Each unit purchased will provide you with one (1) copy of this digital curriculum. After ordering, a link to download all files will be emailed to the address associated with your account within one business day after the order has been processed. You will not receive a print copy. 

Level 3, Advanced Beekeeping is for a young beekeeper who is experienced and knowledgeable in the basic care of a beehive. This manual includes more detail on some things you have already learned and introduces more advanced beekeeping topics: increasing the number of your honey bee colonies, increasing honey production, producing special kinds of honey, managing disease and more about bee societies. The 4-H Beekeeping project manuals are not activity-based; rather they are a guide to help young people learn while working with a facilitator. This guide is written for youth in grades six and above just starting with a beekeeping project.

This is the third of three levels in the 4-H Beekeeping Series. Other books include:

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