Unlock Ag Innovations - Escape Room Activity Kit

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Unlock Ag Innovations - Escape Room Activity Kit


Create a fun and engaging escape room learning experience wherever you are! Unlock Ag Innovations provides everything you need to create an escape room activity teaching about technological advancements and changes in agriculture for youth ages 10 and older! Through this experience, youth explore  different technologies that transformed agriculture and how farmers must continue to innovate, learn and adopt new technologies to grow more food in a sustainable manner. This kit is made possible by National 4-H Council, University of Illinois Extension 4-H, and Bayer.

Note: There are some identified errors in the printed book included with this kit. Please see the correction insert sheet linked here. 

The objectives of this activity kit include:  

  • Understand how advancing technologies in each part of the food production system are necessary to feed the world
  • Understand that technology can empower farmers, consumers and others in the food value chain to contribute to environmental sustainability; and
  • Identify and illuminate the technology careers that today’s food and agriculture industries require
What's in the Kit?
  • 1 - Facilitator Guide - packed with other printed cards and materials
  • 2 - Cipher Wheels
  • 1 - 10-piece puzzle
  • 4 - Zipper bags
  • 1 - Bag of pony beads
  • 10 - Pipe cleaners (5 red, 5 green)
  • 2 - Four-digit locks
  • 2 - Three-digit locks
  • 2 - Spyglass decoders
  • 2 - UV flashlights
  • 1 - Invisible ink pen
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