Food For Thought STEM Challenge Kit

Food For Thought STEM Challenge Kit - Shop 4-H
Food For Thought STEM Challenge Kit - Shop 4-H
Food For Thought STEM Challenge Kit - Shop 4-H

Food For Thought STEM Challenge Kit


Food for Thought is a collection of three engaging activities that equip kids with fundamental knowledge of factors that contribute to Food Security, how people are impacted both globally and locally, and how youth can personally contribute to creating a more food secure community.

Food for Thought is ideal for youth ages 8-14 to spark an interest in STEM and inspire real-world actions to help build food security on an individual and community basis. Each kit contains enough supplies for 6 youth and most supplies are reusable.

These activities are highly adaptable for afterschool programs, 4-H clubs, classrooms, home use and more.

Food Fighters - This collaborative board game gamifies learning about the global food supply chain. Students work together to secure their town's food supply, making strategic decisions and building teamwork skills.

Chew on This - This entrepreneurial challenge encourages students to think critically about food waste reduction. By brainstorming innovative uses for food scraps, students develop problem-solving and design thinking skills.

Know to Grow - This hands-on engineering activity introduces students to plant science and controlled environment agriculture. Students design and build efficient growing environments, fostering an understanding of plant cultivation and its role in food security.

  • 1 - facilitator guide
  • 1 - Food Fighters Board Game – includes gameboard, instruction sheet, action cards, 6 player pawns, 60 food tokens
  • 1 - Set of 26 Food Cards
  • 1 - Food System Fact Sheet Poster
  • 1 - Set of 6 Entrepreneur Design Worksheets
  • 1 - Set of 8 Regional Scenario Cards
  • 1 - Set of 6 Environment Design Worksheets
  • 12 - Wooden Sticks
  • 12 - Cellophane Sheets
  • 12 - Seed Starter Bags
  • 3 - Career Posters
  • 1 - Storage Bag

To download extra copies of worksheets and other supporting materials, visit the STEM Challenge home page

Additional materials not included: dry-erase markers, markers/coloring supplies, paper, seeds, soil, assorted recycled materials (yogurt containers, plastic bottles, egg cartons, paper tubes, etc.), tape, scissors, ruler/measuring tape, fan.

  • Brian Gautreau – LSU AgCenter
  • Toni Stuetz – Penn State Extension
  • Lindsey Lekker – North Dakota State University
  • Tiffany Sessions – University of Nebraska-Lincoln
  • National 4-H Council: Sam Nagurny, Estella McCollum, Michael Compton
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