Power Protectors STEM Challenge Kit

Power Protectors STEM Challenge Kit - Shop 4-H
Power Protectors STEM Challenge Kit - Shop 4-H
Power Protectors STEM Challenge Kit - Shop 4-H
Power Protectors STEM Challenge Kit - Shop 4-H
Power Protectors STEM Challenge Kit

Power Protectors STEM Challenge Kit


Through decades of neglect and waste, Energy Island is in danger of becoming unplugged forever! Now it's in the hands of the next generation — The Power Protectors — to save it!

Kit is ideal for youth ages 8-14 years to spark an interest in STEM and inspire real-world actions.  Each kit contains enough supplies for 6 youth and most supplies are reusable.  

Power Protectors consists of three activities that are highly adaptable for afterschool programs, 4-H clubs, classrooms, home use and more. Please review the below tabs for further information. 

    Superhero Hideout – Kids will learn about renewable energy and apply this knowledge to analyze and assess their own energy use. They’ll design an electrifying Power Protector hideout using their imagination and critical thinking skills to protect Energy Island.

    Amped Up Engineering – Using the Engineering Design Process, kids will design and build a model of a sustainable energy source to help Energy Island survive and thrive. They will use their Super Skills of creativity, problem solving, and innovative thinking to save the day!

    Energy Island Adventure – Playing this collaborative board game, kids work as a SUPER team to achieve a common goal: Help the endangered Energy Island move from its unsustainable carbon-based energy use to renewable solar, wind and hydro power. They use decision making, communication and collaborative skills to play—and WIN—together as The Power Protectors of Energy Island.

    • 1- Power Protectors Storage Bag
    • 1 - Facilitator Guidebook
    • 1 - Deck of Watts Up Cards (24)
    • 6 - Superhero Hideout Blueprints
    • 1 - Energy Island Adventure Board Game
    • 1 - Amped Up Engineering Supply Pack 
    • 6 - Amped Up Engineering Design Sheets (2 solar, 2 wind, 2 hydro)
    • 12 - Dry Erase Markers with attached erasers
    • 3 - Career Posters

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    Additional Supplies Not Included: Recycled materials (water bottles, food boxes, etc...), tape, scissors, fan, flashlight

    • Alexa Maille - Cornell University
    • Katie Buckley - University of Illinois
    • Deb Ivie - Utah State University
    • Kayla Boerboom - West Virginia University
    • National 4-H Council: Michael Compton, Samantha Nagurny, Estella McCollum, Mark Kubat
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