4-H Maker Space Cart

4-H Maker Space Cart - Shop 4-H
4-H Maker Space Cart - Shop 4-H
4-H Maker Space Cart - Shop 4-H
4-H Maker Space Cart - Shop 4-H
4-H Maker Space Cart - Shop 4-H

4-H Maker Space Cart


Introducing the 4-H branded Maker Space STEM Cart powered by TeacherGeek!

Roll it into your classroom, lab, club meeting space, community center, library, or anywhere else your group meets for the ultimate Maker/STEM/STEAM solution. With over 40+ STEM projects this cart can easily support hundreds of kids. Each cart includes everything you need for the cart - wheels, gears, dowels, etc. and tools to help create almost any project you can imagine. The cart also comes with a stock of replacement supplies for over 18,000 components in total! To personalize your cart, you can decorate and redecorate the sign with dry erase markers.

For a complete list of all components included with the Maker Space Cart, see the Maker Space Cart Components List!

To enhance the learning experience, check out the Activity Library with "Go Guides" to get you started on a build, with labs and challenges tied to the Next Generation Science Standards to connect learning to the fun. Activities are available for youth in grades K-12, with more specific ages on each activity. Youth will learn science and engineering concepts through experimentation, grow their understanding and evolve projects through the design & engineering process. The Maker Space Cart provides ample opportunities for amazing true STEM projects for as little as a few dollars a kit (average project cost: $1.37 - cost is based on students working in groups of 2-3 and taking projects home.)

FAQ's and Shipping Information

  • This cart is large! The finished size of the cart is 52” wide, 72” tall, 17” deep.
  • Due to its size and shipping weight of approximately 436 lbs., the cart ships on a pallet and delivery will need to be coordinated with the delivery company.
  • Due to the nature of the items size and shipping method, there is a flat shipping fee of $400 per Maker Space Cart.
  • The item comes mostly pre-assembled, with some light assembly required. You will have to organize the components into their drawers and bins, and attach the sign to the top. You will have more components than fit in the bins. For more information, see the Maker Space Cart Manual!
  • The cart is on caster wheels making it easy to roll around a room and lock them to stay put when you don't want it to move.
  •  The additional components for restocking the kit will fit into three 24" x 13" x 13" boxes.
  • Have a question that's not answered here? Check out our FAQ Document!

 Supporting Documents & Links

 Activities Standards Alignment

The 4-H Maker Space Cart fits proposals, grants or lesson plans with ease! Maker Space Cart activities are aligned to National and State curriculum standards by grade-level and subject matter.

NGSS Standards Download - PDF
NGSS Standards Spreadsheet - Editable /Searchable Excel Sheet

ITEEA Standards Download - PDF
ITEEA Standards Spreadsheet - Editable/Searchable Excel Sheet


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