Discover 4-H Box - Renewable Energy

Fall Discover 4-H Subscription Box - Shop 4-H
Fall Discover 4-H Subscription Box - Shop 4-H

Discover 4-H Box - Renewable Energy


Seasonally-themed, fun, and engaging activities to explore different topics within 4-H. Perfect for gifting to youth up to fifth grade or educators and club leaders to inspire activity prompts for their youth. Each kit provides supplies for one youth, though some supplies may be usable for multiple youth. These kits may include first look at new activities and curriculum from Shop 4-H.

This quarterly subscription box will ship in July, October, January, & April. Subscribers will have the ability to review and modify their subscription to skip or cancel prior to each shipment.

The Fall 2023 Subscription Box is all about renewable energy! Work with the Power Protectors to learn about energy from wind, water, and solar renewable sources. Learn about how power is produced from these sources and how we can make smart choices to use energy wisely and efficiently.

What’s included in the kit:
  • 1 - Power Protectors Kit
    • 1 - Power Protectors Storage Bag
    • 1 - Facilitator Guidebook
    • 1 - Deck of Watts Up Cards (24)
    • 6 - Superhero Hideout Blueprints
    • 1 - Energy Island Adventure Board Game
    • 1 - Amped Up Engineering Supply Pack
    • 6 - Amped Up Engineering Design Sheets (2 solar, 2 wind, 2 hydro)
    • 12 - Dry Erase Markers with attached erasers
    • 3 - Career Posters
  • 1 - Rechargeable Flashlight/Fan Combo
  • 1 - Set of Stickers
Additional Materials Needed Not Included: Recycled materials (water bottles, food boxes, etc...), tape, scissors, fan, flashlight

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