Design a Power Park: Smart Circuits Book 2

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Design a Power Park: Smart Circuits Book 2

SKU: 4H01913
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The hands-on activities in this book introduce coding, microcontrollers, and sensors to circuitry projects. It is an interactive workbook designed to be a hands-on experience that accompanies computer coding and reading. The pages are full of opportunities for exploration and challenge young designers to problem solve and think creatively and critically. The activities are meant to ignite a young person’s curiosity and imagination, opening the mind to new possibilities and moving him or her to play, tinker, and explore.

Short tutorials and background information accompany investigations and challenges. The activities build on each other and are designed to allow youth to learn by doing. Challenges provide opportunities for solving problems with multiple possible solutions or with less obvious solutions. Each curriculum book becomes a completed workbook full of solved puzzles, met challenges, and creative light-up projects.

This is the second book in a collection of three. While we advise all readers to go through the first book before using this one, this is not a requirement, though we do assume the reader has basic electrical circuit skills and knowledge. Coding experience is helpful, but not necessary.

  • Curriculum developed by University of Illinois
  • Grades 6-12
  • 86 Pages
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