REAL Media Digital Resources

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REAL Media Digital Resources

SKU: 4H01911F
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Each unit purchased will provide you with 1 unique access code to this digital curriculum. Purchase multiple quantities to receive the corresponding number of codes based on your need. After ordering, you will receive an emailed file with usernames and passwords for the number of seats you ordered within 2 to 7 business days based on the number ordered (for example, less than 50 codes will be sent within 2 days and more than 300 will take 7 days). You will not receive a print copy. 

REAL Media is an interactive, self-paced, e-learning media literacy curriculum that aims to prevent substance use among youth ages 12-17. It is the result of an ongoing collaboration between Rutgers University School of Communication and Information, REAL Prevention, a company devoted to using technology to deliver evidence-based prevention programs, and 4-H.

A program designed to help members make healthy decisions about alcohol, tobacco, and other drug use, REAL Media consists of 5 levels that range from 20-25 minutes each. It is designed to be self-paced, and teens take as much time as they need to complete each level. The levels are completed individually over a few sittings, outside of 4-H time. They are tailored to youth to:

    • Increase their knowledge about media reach & social media ethics
    • Increase their knowledge of advertising techniques and strategies used to sell products
    • Develop their critical thinking skills
    • Motivate them to create anti-substance messages using skills learned through the program
    • Have them share their messages with their peers as part of a contest through social media

To learn more about this digital resource, you can review these documents or watch this REAL media demo video from Michelle Miller Day on Vimeo.

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