Entomology level 2

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Level 2 shows how to make insect collection tools, and expands on the basic concepts of biodiversity, invasive species, integrated pest management, and forensic entomology.

Level 2 Chapters:
  1. Be an Entomologist – youth make and use their own insect collection tools 
  2. Biodiversity – youth collect insects in different habitats and observe diversity in form and function 
  3. Invasive Species – youth conduct research to learn about invasive species (origin, damage, control)
  4. Integrated Pest Management – youth explore conditions that can provide insect habitat and collect insect pests 
  5. Forensic Entomology – youth study insect tracks and exoskeletons and make a journal for keeping data 

Level 2 Learning Goals:
  1. Learn how to make insect collection tools. 
  2. Learn more about insects and insect diversity.
  3. Develop a deeper understanding of and an appreciation for entomology.

(56 pages)

Are you interested in learning more about the curriculum, straight from the author and a 4-H educator? Watch a webinar all about the curriculum, available here.