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The 4-H Beekeeping Project helps youth learn about bees and how to be a beekeeper. Beekeeping offers many hands-on educational experiences, from learning about bees and nectar to learning to raise bees and produce honey.

In Division II, Working with Honey Bees, youth acquire a colony of bees and learn how to care for their beehive throughout the year. This includes basic beekeeping operations that result in the production of extracted, chunk, or cut comb honey. When the youth are experienced and knowledgeable enough in the basic care of a beehive, they should move on to Advanced Beekeeping Methods.

Division II Beekeeping is intended to help youth learn about:

  • how to care for their own beehives
  • more about the equipment that a beekeeper needs
  • how to compile beekeeping records,
  • how to present the results of their work to others,
  • how to develop inquiring minds—the habit of asking questions and searching for answers.
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