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Galactic Quest Cosmic Claw Kit


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Purchase extra cosmic claw kits to use with your Galactic Quest STEM Challenge kit or to use as a stand alone activity.  In this activity, youth will use the Engineering Design Process to design, build, and operate a robotic claw. Working together, the group will create a model of a hydraulic-powered robotic arm and claw and test it by completing an agricultural task. Ultimately, the mechanical claw should be able to perform a simple grasping, scooping, or raking action to cultivate crops on another world.

STEM Skills: Inquiry skills, collaboration, real-world application
4-H Pillar Alignment: STEM/Agriculture/Healthy Living
Full Challenge Time: 60 minutes
Additional Materials Needed: Phillips-head screwdriver Tape (masking/duct)StringSmall container of waterWire cutters (optional)Items for the end of claw (small cups, plastic utensils, bottle caps, suction cups, etc.)Items to pick up (small candy, small balls, rice, sand, etc.)Starting location (bin or designated area)Ending location (bin or designated area)
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