Dog 1: Wiggles and Wags

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Youth Activity Guide and Workbook (Level 1) for the National 4-H Dog Curriculum, written by university experts. Youth explore dog web resources, breed origins, safety, locating a missing dog, socializing a dog, showmanship, tricks, health, feeding and controlling parasites.

Activities relate to body parts, selection, correcting behavior, house breaking a puppy, body language, controlling fleas, health care, grooming and how to train a dog to respond to seven basic commands. Age: Grades 3-5, but may be used by youth in any grade based on their project skills and experience. (36 pages)

You can encourage youth to learn more about dogs, while developing important life skills. Youth will learn about selecting a dog, breeds, grooming, fitting, showing, training, and general care. Youth will also complete activities with the guidance of an adult helper, and perfect for the family considering adding a puppy or dog to the household.