Entomology Curriculum 3 - Teaming with Insects

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Level 3 delves even deeper into the basic concepts and encourages youth to take control of their learning by doing their own research using the scientific method and reference materials.

Level 3 Chapters:
1. Be an Entomologist – youth explore entomology careers, insects as symbols, and the scientific method
2. Biodiversity – youth study insect diversity in outdoor settings, make a dichotomous key, and study insect behavior
3. Invasive Species – youth compare native and non-native insect species and learn about using insects for a biological control of an invasive plant species
4. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) – youth explore human factors in IPM and the importance of education in IPM
5. Forensic Entomology – youth conduce forensic entomology experiments

Level 3 Learning Goals:
1. Conduct research and use resources beyond the manual for in-depth study of entomology.
2. Use the scientific method and keep accurate records.
3.Expand understanding of and appreciation for entomology.
4. Educate others about entomology

(36 pages)