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Financial Champions Helpers Guide: Personal Finance

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Personal finance skills are often not emphasized in a standard school curriculum. Whether you’re a teacher, youth club leader or in another position of influence in youth education, you’ll find this personal finance curriculum to be very practical. Youth who learn how to be good caretakers of their money can apply those skills to other areas of their lives. For instance, this curriculum provides information on goal setting. The activities also emphasize how to communicate about money, and by extension, how to discuss other topics. The Financial Champions series encourages interaction with the community and learning how to learn by developing research skills. Each group activity begins with objectives that include a defined life skill and a personal finance skill. Indicators are listed to measure successful completion of the activity by youth. At the beginning of each activity, materials, time and group size are suggested. There is also background information for helpers.

The Helper’s Guide has the following sections to provide you additional activities and interesting experiences: 8 fully-developed youth activities that enhance or expand concepts learned in the Youth Guides, answers to youth guide activities, group activity ideas, a financial planning play, a word find, icebreakers, community service ideas, leadership ideas, exhibit ideas, presentations and demonstrations for youth, additional resources, which all meet academic standards

Authored by National 4-H Council.

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