Reading Makes Cents: Digital Download

Reading Makes Cents: Digital Download

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Reading Makes Cents is a financial literacy and reading curriculum for children in grades 3-5, written by university experts. This book includes 53 experiential activities developed around money including saving, spending, sharing, earning, borrowing, and lending. The literature, concepts about money, and activities were selected to appeal to children in grades 3-5. 194 pages.

These activities can be used in an afterschool, camp setting, or any out-of-school time setting. Best if used as a complete curriculum, but can activities can be used as a stand-alone and can be completed in one afterschool session. The seven money themes in this book are: History of Money, Managing Money, Earning Money, Spending Money, Saving Money, Sharing Money, and Borrowing and Lending Money.

The goals of this curriculum are to introduce children to basic money management concepts such as saving, sharing, spending, managing, earning, borrowing, and lending; use children's literature as a tool to attract youth to the topic of financial management; improve children's attitudes toward reading; support literacy and literacy-related activities in the home; and to provide opportunities for youth to practice important life and money skills. The children literature that is used is not provided with this book; we suggest you start with your local library to obtain the materials.

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