4-H Geology Helper's Guide

4-H Geology Helper&

4-H Geology Helper's Guide


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Studying and learning about geology is fun for everyone. Since geologic features exist everywhere, you can study geology wherever you live. The 4-H Geology curriculum was written for youth who enjoy studying rocks, fossils, and minerals, especially for those who want to learn more. The first manual, Level 1, introduced you to rocks, fossils, and minerals. Level 2 continues this study in more detail. Level 3 introduces more advanced topics. The 4-H Geology project offers many educational experiences, from collecting and identifying rocks to learning how the earth was formed. Caring adults can be a big help if they are involved with children’s learning, especially for younger 4-H members. This Helper’s Guide provides guidance and more information about successful facilitation of the 4-H Geology Curriculum Series.

This Helper’s Guide Supports the 4-H Geology Series. Other books include:
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