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Sustainable Polymers: Plastics of the Future for a Green, Clean World, Grades 3-5

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This is a 4-H STEM Curriculum for Grades 3-5 (8 to 12 year olds).  The themes of these modules touch on the prevalence and impact of plastics in everyday life.  Plastics are versatile materials that come in different shapes, sizes, and exhibit different material properties.  Scientist and engineers are working on new ways to create, use, and recycle plastics, so we can use plastics for their many advantages and lessen their effects on our environment. 
The curriculum is designed to build foundational skills of science and engineering: observations, asking questions and defining problems, planning and carrying out investigations, and communicating.  The curriculum contains six learning modules intended for delivery in out-of-school time facilitated by an educator (trained volunteers or program staff).  Each module will include “Tips for Facilitators” and the Science and Engineering Practices, as well as opportunities to use “I Wonder” Boards.  In addition, these modules incorporate the SciGirls Strategies for gender equitable STEM learning.  Modules also include “Science At Home” activities that may be completed by parents/other adults and children at home.

This curriculum was developed by a partnership between the NSF Center for Sustainable Polymers, University of Minnesota Extension, University of California Agriculture and Natural Resources, Cornell University Cooperative Extension, and SciGirls.  This work is supported by the National Science Foundation (NSF) under the NSF Center for Sustainable Polymers CHE-1901635.

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